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Classic/Spa Pedicure

Includes moisturizing bath soak, exfoliation, nail shaping, relaxing foot massage and polish.  A therapeutic mineral bath soak, including an aromatherapy exfoliating scrub.  A smoothing, relaxing massage on your feet and legs, followed by a stress relieving mineral mask, ending with a fine manicure and polish on your nails.

The ultimate luxury and pampering for your feet. Begins with a therapeutic footbath which includes nail shaping, foot and leg massage, paraffin treatment and polish.

Gentlemen’s Pedicure

Most often when literature speaks of healthy nail care, the intended audience is women, given that beautiful nails have long been considered a symbol of beauty and individuality. However, healthy nails are also important for men. One true sign of a well-groomed man is handsome hands, with freshly cut nails and clean, neat cuticles. It is important for all of our male readers to realize that your nails are a living part of your body and they require care.

Mineral bath soak, invigorating foot scrub and exfoliation, nail grooming and buffing.



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